Katherine Erbe

Connell Postdoctoral Fellow in Nursing Research, Massachusetts General Hospital, Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research

Dr. Erbe is the 2023-2025 Connell Postdoctoral Fellow in Nursing Research at the Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research. Her research is focused on improving patient-provider interactions to make gynecologic and obstetric care more individualized and patient-centered, with a specific interest in nutrition and pregnancy outcomes in marginalized populations. Dr. Erbe received her education in nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, New York University, and the University of Illinois-Chicago. She has over 16 years of clinical experience as a Certified Nurse Midwife in a variety of settings, both domestically and internationally; this experience showed her the gaps in nutrition counseling given to patients before, during, and after their pregnancies. For her dissertation, she used a human factors approach to conduct a mixed-methods study investigating patient-provider interactions related to nutrition counseling during initial pregnancy visits.